License of Noradle(PSP.WEB)

This is the license plan for the formal release of Noradle in the futher. By now, if everyone want it for commercial purpose, is's free.

Noradle(PSP.WEB) is a open source project, but it's not free. If you use it in a enterprise production environment, you must pay for it. PSP.WEB is priced as tenth price of it's resident oracle. But if you use it in oracle XE, then PSP.WEB is free since Oracle DB XE is just free. Oracle Database is priced for the number of CPU cores, PSP.WEB job processes may not use that much of CPUs, We count two PSP.WEB job processes for one CPU core, if you buy 8 core server to run ORACLE DB, but only run 8 PSP.WEB job processed, you PSP.WEB processes are just using 8/2=4 CPUs, this way, if you enterprise buy oracle for $20000 for 8 cores, the you must buy PSP.WEB license for 20000/(8/4)/10=$1,000.

Notice that by now PSP.WEB use nodeJS as the http gateway, NodeJS is a free open source software, It's not included in PSP.WEB distrubution just as ORACLE is not. In future, PSP.WEB may use java, python as the http gateway, or may hook into nginx, lighttpd.

You are allowed to modify this software, but all modification of this software is owned by the original developer.

NodeJS : Joyent is a key contributer to Node.js code development.

ORACLE DATABASE : It is a product of ORACLE.